Upgrading legacy systems: From outmoded to outstanding

Are you still stuck with legacy systems? Don’t let them hold you back from delivering top-notch customer experiences.

Introducing AgiraSure’s legacy modernization solution that transforms your P&C insurance offerings with RTI & CTI strategy. Whether you want to retain your existing system and give it a light stroke of modern technologies or want to completely transform your conventional systems, we've got you covered.

  • Keep your IT infrastructure at cutting edge for sustained performance gains

  • Revamp your existing system and drive your insurance business into the future

  • Ensure regulatory compliance measures into your IT infrastructure

  • Don’t just update your systems, transform them to enhance the overall customer experience

Solution Approach

AgiraSure approach towards problems in Legacy Modernization

Gap analysis

  • Thoroughly assess and identify existing gaps in the current system.

Problem definition

  • Define and articulate precise problem statements for targeted solutions.

Solution approach

  • Strategize effective and personalized approaches to address identified issues.

Compliance audit

  • Conduct a rigorous compliance audit to ensure adherence to industry standards.

Product roadmap

  • Chart a comprehensive product roadmap for strategic and successful implementation.

Run Strategy

Incremental Tranformation

Strategically prioritizing critical applications for refactoring before migration ensures optimal business impact. With a growing portfolio vitality, we streamline application retention, fostering a dynamic and efficient modernization process.

Custom development

Craft customized solutions with expert coding to meet unique needs. Personalized development ensures a perfect fit for your business requirements.

Wrappers & API

Enhance connectivity through versatile wrappers and API integration. Our seamless integration solutions foster a connected and collaborative digital ecosystem.

Graphical view

Enhance UX with an intuitive, visually appealing interface, ensuring positive and engaging interaction. Streamlined navigation enhances efficiency for seamless usability

Resilient architecture

Build resilient and scalable systems for long-term reliability. Our robust architecture provides a stable foundation for your digital infrastructure's growth and evolution.


Expedite the process using accelerators, optimizing efficiency and time-to-market. Our accelerators streamline development, ensuring faster and more efficient project delivery.

Shift Strategy

The Shift Edge

Choosing a strategic shift unlocks business agility and innovation, enabling superior system enhancements. Embrace scalability and competitive advantage over static run strategies, ensuring future-ready success in a dynamic market landscape.

• Retire
• Rehost
• Re-platform
• Refactor
• Relocate

Core platform upgrade

Elevate capabilities with an innovative platform upgrade, aligning features with evolving business needs.

Code reengineering

Enhance overall system efficiency through strategic code reengineering, optimizing performance for sustainable growth.

Seamless cloud migration

Unlock scalability and flexibility via seamless cloud migration, ensuring a responsive infrastructure for changing demands.


Explore Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions for optimized functionality, accelerating development with proven solutions.

Wrappers & API

Expedite using accelerators, optimizing efficiency. Our accelerators streamline development for faster, efficient project delivery.

Collaborative system

Leverage partner solutions for collaborative system enhancement, fostering strategic alliances for innovation.

Benefits of Legacy Modernization


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