Driving profitability for P&C insurers with customized accelerators

In the dynamic world of insurance, staying ahead is essential for success. AgiraSure’s accelerators and partner solutions empower insurers to transform their operations, enhance customer experiences and embrace the digital revolution.

AgiraSure’s comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to address the unique challenges of P&C insurers and aims at offering cutting-edge technologies to help insurers:

  • Streamline operations & reduce costs

  • Make data-driven decisions to improve profitability

  • Enhance the overall claim processing efficiency & optimize claims workflow

  • Proactively manage & mitigate risks with advanced predictive analytics

What problems do we solve

With our accelerator and partner solutions, you can completely transform your insurance business, automate the claim process, improve underwriting profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction rates. Here are some of the best advantages of incorporating accelerators within your business.

Accelerator offerings

Contact center & CRM

Enhance your insurance customer interactions with AgiraSure's sophisticated contact center and CRM solution, blending intelligent call routing, IVR, real-time analytics, seamless CRM integration, and cost-effective cloud efficiency for an exceptional engagement experience.

Subrogation automation

Promote transparency, build trust with 'at-fault' insurers or third parties, and streamline the subrogation process with blockchain technology. Get real-time claim verification, automated payments, and collaborative tools to enhance the claim cycle further.

Customer analytics

Make informed decisions, enhance customer relations, and gain an edge over competitors. AgiraSure's analytics solution consolidates diverse data, segments it through key factors, and applies prescriptive and descriptive analytics, delivering tailored, actionable insights.

Intelligent document management system

Simplify insurance document management with AgiraSure's Intelligent Document Management solution. From data extraction and structured conversion to enhanced security, it efficiently handles diverse formats, including OCR, to automate physical mail room data seamlessly.

First Notice of Loss

A mobile app streamlining claim filing with a virtual assistant, automatic policy data input, and real-time tracking in auto insurance. With features like location tracking, image uploads, and damage markup, it ensures swift assistance for policyholders and operational efficiency for insurers.

Agent/customer portal

Easily request quotes, access policy details, and receive real-time underwriting decisions—all in one portal. Enhance productivity, streamline tasks, and deliver superior customer service with seamless integration of legacy systems for cost-effective and expedited digital operations.

Virtual Assistant

An intuitive platform delivering quotes, answering inquiries, and analyzing complex documentation. Efficiently collecting contact details and escalating complex requests to human agents enhances satisfaction with advanced AI.

Underwriting profitability

An engineered platform seamlessly integrates diverse data for comprehensive risk segmentation and underwriting profitability. It conducts thorough analysis, offering real-time updates and a KPI dashboard for visual representation.


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